Thursday, September 10, 2009

臺北巿動物園沙畫完整版 "The Zoo" Sand Art by a Taiwanese Artist

Art comes in many formats and this one impressed me tremendously. Who knew sand art could be elevated to such a form?! This piece of animated artwork is done by a world-renowned Taiwanese sand artist, Zhuang Ming-Da. Enjoy the video!

藝術是沒有限制的。 如何發揮某種藝術形式也需要藝術家本身的個人風格。真的沒想到沙畫也可以提升到如此境界。 這個動態沙畫是台灣沙畫藝術家莊明達先生的作品。 這位國際級的沙畫大師所畫出的作品真的是讓人嘆為觀止!